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1/2 Hour Comedy Pilots:

MY DEMON BOYFRIENDEsther Kennedy, a romantic and lonely teen, can’t

find anyone to take her to prom, so she turns to the dark arts. But when a

handsome demon of war and love possesses her — she’ll have to comply with the

whims of her foul mouthed demon “boyfriend,” to secure the perfect prom date.

UNTITLED ANNA GENOVESE PILOT: A satirical take on Anna Genovese’s assent from mob

wife, to “business woman” in the Costello crime syndicate… and ultimately New York’s hottest bisexual drab club maven. 

PLEASE ADVISE: When the assistant to a powerful record label executive can't get her tyrannical, sexist boss to stop harassing her, she'll do anything to flip the power dynamic... starting with: sleeping with her enemy's therapist, to get dirt on the bastard.

DANCE CONS: After being released from jail for bankruptcy fraud, Abby Lee Miller returns to the dance studio, set on re-establishing her reputation as the top dance studio in Pennsylvania. But, first her girls will have to take home the gold at the big NYC All Star competition.

Feature Films:

DADDY ISSUES: Charlie Murphy is determined to clean-up her trashy reputation by throwing a posh 16th birthday party. But when her ex-mobster Dad returns from jail just before her birthday, they must put aside their "daddy issues" to keep the sweet sixteen - and family - from falling apart. 

Feature film co-written by Shannon Hardy and Ariel Sayegh 

For script inquiries, contact Faith France at CAA and Jon Levin at Fourward Management.

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